Chroma a luminous solid surface by 3form

3form produce an interesting material Chroma.

The beatles revolution lounge, chroma material

A bold solid surface saturated with luminous colour. This monolithic material is ideal for horizontal applications while being engineered to be resurfaced and re-coloured again and again, preventing the material from entering the waste stream. It also offers unique aesthetics and performance for both horizontal surfaces and lighting applications. The product clarity offers designers the ability to create beautiful edge-lit pieces.
Available in 12, 25 and 50mm thickness and thermo transformable with a minimum radius of 3 times the sheet thickness.

…and many more colours

For more information visit the manufacturer’s website or consult the chroma technical data sheet.

The image:
Chroma used at The Beatles: Revolution lounge
More about The Beatles Revolution lounge Las Vegas
The lounge’s website
Designed by Humà Design + Architecture.

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