Short note / A renovation on a shoestring budget

This project was send to us by David Smith, a graphic designer living in Brazil who under took a shoes string budget renovation.

Below a small descirption and some images of the results.

David Smith:

The house was purchased in July 2009. It was in serious need of renovation as the roof was badly leaking, water pipes had burst underneath the house and all of the damp was soaking up the walls. We set the budget at £13,000 sterling and got straight to work.

To get the whole project under budget we re-used as many materials as possible.

We literally did everything ourselves and the idea was to try and inject new life into what we had at hand to use.

The idea of the floors was again to keep the money down…..i am very much into graffiti and street art, so i drew from my skills as from my old occupation and painted all the floors by hand.

The budget also included the furniture….again we got creative and purchased old reclaimed pieces of wood and attached roller wheels to make mobile low tables.

I did all of the artwork in the house myself. The artwork was done on left over pieces of mdf…….or pieces of wood i found on my walks with the dogs.

We know the house won’t win any design awards……but we thought it was good to show people and other designers what can be done on a shoestring budget and it gave us a great insight for our next project.