Short note / Office refurbishment in Canary Wharf, London

An exciting project which targeted underutilised areas of existing offices at Canary Wharf and redesigned them to create a more inspiring working environment.

Below a description and more images of the space.

Office refurbishment

Previously uninteresting meeting rooms located throughout the 12,000 sq ft floor were given a radical face-lift with full height photographic images and use of colour across furniture and flooring. The spaces, both open and cellular, are now creative areas successful both in their intended use as well as creating focal points in the open plan floor.  A large corner area originally occupied by redundant desks has now become a collaborative work space with informal meeting areas and moveable whiteboards designed to give maximum flexibility. The design and layout of this area takes full advantage of the stunning views of the city from the 31st floor and has become a hub for staff meetings of all sizes.

Finally, the breakout area has been integrated with the previously separate tea point to create one large open plan space with zones for dining and food preparation. A large circular meeting table with blackboard ‘cocoon’ provides a great area for team lunches and brainstorming sessions. A full height, panoramic forest image provides a focal point and combined with the use of natural wood throughout creates a relaxing environment for personnel to utilise throughout the working day.

Office design by Mansfield Monk.

Refurbished meeting room with super graphics
Refurbished meeting room
An inspiring meeting room

An inspiring meeting room

Colourful and creative meeting room

Colourful and creative meeting room

Screened informal meeting areas

Informal meeting areas utilising differing screen heights and colours for variation

Informal meeting area

An informal meeting area

Soft seating area for informal meeting

A soft seating area for informal meeting which features stunning views over London

Break out area complete with blackboard wall

The breakout area complete with blackboard wall for staff to use

Full height, panoramic supergraphic in break out area