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Brit Hammer
Lizzy Van Lysebeth

Lizzy Van Lysebeth


Lizzy is a belgian furniture and interior designer living and working in London. Before moving to London he worked with GK-Design in Tokyo and for various companies in Spain. In barcelona he was course director of a master in furniture design for the colleges Epsar and the Escolla Superior de Disenny, associated college to the university Ramon Llul. In 1999 Lizzy became freelance and started Lizzy Design. In 2006 he moved to Chiswick, London were he lives with his wife and newly born son (Aug 08.)

Contact details:

Lizzy Design
Chiswick, London
T: +44 752 321 70 50
E: info@lizzydesign.com
W: www.Lizzydesign.com
B: www.Lizzydesign.org

Contributions to ID-Sphere:

Lizzy is the initiator, founder, administrator and editor of ID-Sphere. He programmed the structure and provided the initial content, useful resources, adminstrative information, etc. His article contributions are:

Tips on installing waste and soil pipes (Jan 2010)
Selective Laser sintering (SLS) a rapid prototyping / manufacturing process (Aug 2009)
Health and safety in interior design (Dec 2008)
Reducing the intrusiveness of building work in residential projects (Sept. 2008)
Japanese boundaries: A different way of perceiving space (Aug 2008)
Case-study: Bathroom conversion in London (Aug. 2008)
Which design software should I use? (Jul. 2008)
Saw mill in operation (Jul. 2008)
Industrial laminated wood bending (Jun. 2008)
Case study: Conversion of a sleeping room with in suite bathroom (Jun. 2008)
Who is the man behind your furniture? (May 2008)

Brit Hammer


Norwegian-American Brit Hammer designs and creates glass art and architectural installations for public, commercial, and residential applications. Unique about Brit’s work is her use of color, for which she has gained an international reputation. After 11 years’ experience in the fashion industry working for top brands including Tommy Hilfiger and Nike, Brit launched her own successful company in 2002. She lives in Rotterdam with her husband.

Contact details:

Brit Hammer Glass Art & Architectural Installations
Rotterdam, Netherlands
T: +31 (0)6 45 114 725
E:  via www.brithammer.com/contact
W: www.brithammer.com

Contributions to ID-Sphere:

Brit was the first member to contribrute an editorial article when ID-Sphere was launched at the end of September 2008. Her articles are:
Using color in interior design (Nov. 2008)

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