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Sustainability and eco links

Water Efficient Product Labelling Scheme The Scheme raises awareness of bathroom products that when installed and used correctly use less water, therefore saving water and energy, whilst delivering the bathing experience we have come to expect.
Green building materials Environmnetal assessment and specification of green building materials
California integrated waste managment board US website with interesting recycling and green building material info
Superuse an online community of designers, architects and everybody else who is interested in inventive ways of recycling.
Superuse book shows examples of re-use architecture Architectural practice specialising in the re-use of materials.
The Centre for
Sustainable Design (CFSD)
organised over 30 conferences and workshops, and undertaken a wide range of research and training projects on eco-product development and sustainable product design.
SustainableBuild offer a reference point on green construction techniques and advice.
EarthWire/UK gives you a free daily overview of environmental news from the United Kingdom.
Environment Agency – Planning plays an active role in spatial planning to help achieve development that protects and enhances the environment


Accessibility and inclusive design

Centre for Accessible Environments
help secure a built environment that is usable by everyone, including disabled and older people.
The Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) a national charity that provides free, impartial advice and information about all types of equipment for daily living for older and disabled people.
Foundations The national body for haome impovement agencies. Home improvement agencies (HIAs) help vulnerable people to maintain their independence. Their primary focus is the repair or adaptation of the client’s home, and in support of this objective they may provide a range of services depending on local needs and circumstances.
The National Register of Access Consultants (NRAC) an independent register of accredited Access Auditors and Access Consultants who meet professional standards and criteria established by a peer review system. It is a UK-wide accreditation service for individuals who undertake access auditing and access consultancy.
Ricability publish guides for older and disabled consumers on: assistive technology products, childcare equipment for disabled parents, car adaptations for drivers and passengers, community alarms, continence products, domestic appliances and telephones.
The Sign Design Society (SDS) promote excellence in signing and wayfinding. Its membership is drawn from all of the many skills which contribute to this frequently underestimated, yet vitally important, design discipline.
aims to provide homes that are accessible, adaptable and affordable.
JMU Access Partnership aims to help create an inclusive society
Accesscode provides guidance on the design and implementation of inclusive design for buildings, environments, structures, highways and transportation.
Access All Areas Access All Areas has been assisting with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliant needs of the UK since 2003
Blue badge re-educate and remove the fear and ignorance often felt when meeting those with disabilities. Equality sees the person before the disability and is our starting point to avoiding discrimination.
The Centre for Universal Design based within the College of Design, North Carolina State University, is a national research, information and technical assistance center that evaluates, develops and promotes universal design in housing, public and commercial facilities and related products.


Useful links and services

London the official website for the Mayor of London, the London Assembly and the Greater London Authority
London Development Agency (LDA) produces the Economic Development Strategy for London
Government Gateway enables you to sign up for any of the UK Government’s services that are available over the Internet
London 2012 Information on the olimpic games in London 2012, including building and design opportunities. one-stop information gateway for local public services
The London Chamber of Commerce helps London companies and individuals to develop successful supply chains for their new ideas and to establish profiles of the right partners, for which they broker the introductions. The service is free.
Business link Practical advice for business
Advantage Business Angels (ABA) Specialises in raising funds for early-stage business opportunities.
Business start-up guide for designers and makers A truly useful guide for designers and makers who which to start up in business
Secured by Design official police flagship for security and designing out crime. They have a section on home security and fire safety
National statistics online National statistics on a wide range of subjects
British Standards Institute -certifies management systems and products
-provides product testing services
-develops private, national and international standards
-provides training and information on standards and international trade and
-provides performance management software solutions
– BSi British Standards Online
the authoritative and most current site for all BSi publications including Withdrawn Standards, International Standards and Translated Standards. Ltd a nationwide noise and vibration consultancy practice specialising in Building Acoustics
The Design for Manufacture Competition aims to demonstrate that it is possible to build a high-quality home for a construction cost of £60,000.
Creative Choices the first online service to provide the tools, knowledge and networks to support every individual and business to get in, and get on, in the creative industries and cultural sector.
Creative skills councils offers information, inspiration, and interactive tools to practitioners in a wider range of creative industries
British Design Innovation (BDI) It brings together the ‘thinkers and linkers’ in the innovation space including strategic designers, brand and business owners, academics and dealmakers.

Design nation

The Design Trust operates under the banner of Design-Nation to promote the excellence of British design internationally and to provide business support to designers wishing to set up in business.
Exchange offers design & production technology coupled with industry based real world problem solving experience, bridging the gap between the design and manufacturing sectors
The Innovation Unit is an innovation intermediary for public services, with a strong track record supporting innovation in schools and children’s services, the third sector and local government
Manufacturing Advisory Service London (MAS) is designed to help you, the manufacturer, streamline your processes, reduce waste, become more energy efficient and generally improve your business.
Knowledge Connect is a dynamic and practical programme that’s helping London’s businesses to grow and prosper by connecting them to the knowledge and expertise of the City’s universities, colleges and research organisations
Designing Demand is a business support programme from
the Design Council. It helps businesses discover how to
become more innovative, more competitive and more profitable.
Supply London is a practical programme designed to provide relevant, in-depth support to London’s Small Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) to maximise their potential of winning new contracts with a specific focus on public sector procurement.
British Library IP Centre supports inventors, small businesses and entrepreneurs from that first spark of inspiration to successfully launching and developing a business.
Hidden Art Dedicated to promoting and supporting designer-makers , and creating direct access for all to new designs
City Fringe Partnership is an economic development and regeneration partnership committed to increasing economic and social inclusion in the area to the north and east of the “Square Mile”


More events, exhibitions and links
Check out to whom and to what other design and industry organizations are linking to. Events on the BDI website Design events on the Policy connect website

Events on the DBA website Events on the Crafts council website Training and events by fira
Design Museum exhibitions Design museum exhibitions
Design museum events Design museum events
British furniture confederation links Links page of the British furniture confederation
Design council links Design council links page
Design nation links List a whole range of usefull links from business advice and support associations, creative industry resources to grants and funding organizations

Interesting blogs

Furniture Fashion provides ideas, pictures, and articles on interior design, home décor, furniture, and decorating
Dvice about gadgets and future technology
Dezeen brings news about the creative industry
Contemporist focuses on architecture, furniture, interior design, lighting and anything else to do with contemporary design.
2modern design talk views and commentary focused on contemporary design. Design blog of Lizzy Van Lysebeth
World Interior Design Network World wide daily news, analysis and reports on interior design industry.


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