What is ID-Sphere about and how do I participate?

What is ID-Sphere about?

Due to an ever busier economy and time consuming lifestyle professionals find themselves often isolated within their own creative and social environment, with lesser time to share, cross reference, debate, exchange information and network around the scope of a common subject, interior design. ID-Sphere hopes to bring an answer to this. We believe that basic and fundamental information should be shared and more importantly should be shared for free, giving everyone the equal chance to express authenticity, creativity and expand their network and knowledge base.

ID-Sphere hopes to become a platform and network on interior design and its related sectors. It is an entirely voluntary and non-commercial initiative which means all the information on the site is free. This equally means however that ID-Sphere will never pay for any information or work submitted to the site. ID-Sphere is a community site which is owned by its members. Involvement into the ID-Sphere project will only be limited to the time you like to put into it and the respect you gain from fellow members. We value collaborations strongly and think of it as one of the cornerstones of this community.

How to participate and join the sphere?

If you are not ready yet to actively participate in this initiative but rather follow ID-Sphere from the sidelines a bit longer by all means do so and subscribe to the RSS feeds or to the newsletter which will keep you up to date on the recent developments. If you want to jump right in however then read on.

There are various ways in which you can collaborate with ID-Sphere, being: editorial, short editorial, forum based, event based and structural. Let me explain.

Writing for editorial
Editorial articles are informative articles on a subject related to the interior design business or its related sectors and need to be substantial and in-depth. Its single purpose is to inform, thus, any article with a commercial or self promoting objective will be rejected. Although images used in the article can be personal work they can only be used in an exemplary way to support the content of the article but no personal achievements can be stated. The author can sign the article and describe in a few lines his background and achievements. Take a look at the articles online to view examples. Contributors to editorial may receive a profile in the Authors and Contributors page.

Short notes editorial
Short notes editorial are products or services offered by members of ID-Sphere but are on an admission bases. They are reviewed and if deemed interesting can be published. Although this section has a certain commercial aspect, no price publication or commercial text is allowed. It can provide a link to an external website where more information can be found.

Forum based
The forum is open to anyone to discuss, contribute, ask questions or chat. Personal work and advertisement can be place in the “My Design” and the “My services” section of the forum. Although the forum is moderated, as long as the content submitted is in some way related to the general subject and not offensive there are no restrictions.

Structural contributions are, contributions to information which is accessible from the home page such as the useful resources or the information pages above, but can equally be to the programming structure of the website ID-Sphere itself or the mission, direction or future developments of the site. Contributors to the structure may receive a profile in the Authors and Contributors page (for substantial contributions only).

So, this is a bit the outline of ID-Sphere and how it works. If you have any queries or questions do not hesitate to post them in the forum.
We truly hope to have caught your interest and have the pleasure to greet you soon online.

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