Short Note / Renewing the “DuPont™ Corian® Experience”

A refined and enhanced colour palette for DuPont™ Corian® high-tech surface:

an exclusive resource for timeless sophistication and superior versatility in design

DuPont Corian 2012 Solid Colours

The 30 elegant and versatile solid colours of the 2012 colour palette of DuPont™ Corian® high-tech surface, now including a total of 72 tones



Short note / 3form Europe launches Ditto™, an exciting new Modular Product

3form Europe launches Ditto™, an exciting new Modular Product that Offers Design Freedom with Opportunity to Create Playful, Organic, Structured Designs
Made with 40 Percent Pre-Consumer Recycled Content



Short note / Say Hello to WoJo™ – a revolutionary new sustainable textile

Starbucks store interiors are being further enhanced by a revolutionary new textile made from natural and renewable raw materials. Created by The Formary, a New Zealand- based design company, using a unique, upcycling1 process, Starbucks coffee sacks are combined with wool resulting in a new sustainable textile called “WoJo”.
WoJo, from wool and jute, the material used in coffee sacks, was conceptualised by The Formary, and has been brought to life for Starbucks in collaboration with UK weavers Camira and wool suppliers, Wools of New Zealand.

The revolutionary new WoJo fabric will be used in a range of Starbucks seating and forms part of the company’s commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship, at the same time as supporting wool farmers.

The new textile is being unveiled as part of UK Wool Week and will be featured at Starbucks flagship Conduit Street store in London’s West End.

Additionally, the organisers of UK Wool Week – The Campaign for Wool, convened by HRH The Prince of Wales, and The Society of British Interior Design (SBID) – have recognised Starbucks and The Formary with an award for Sustainable Product Innovation.

Heritage chair upholstered in WoJo™,
in Starbucks Conduit Street flagship store London
(during UK Wool Week 11-17 October 2010). .

Photographer: Courtesy of Starbucks

Cloak Chair by Room Two in WoJo™ midnight blue. .

Photographer: Dixson McCarthy Photographers


Short note / A compressed beech wood chair

A chair designed by Sandro Lopez for the Elit Collection by PIRCHER


Short note / Karim Rashid projects for Vondom

VONDOM is entering into other new phase in 2010, for enriching their design and make it more original, more
innovative and more chic, both for indoor as for outdoor spaces, VONDOM started the collaboration together with
the prestigious and multi-talented designer, KARIM RASHID.
¨I was more than thrilled because of the adventurous bold projects they have developed with other great designers as well as their quality, sensibility, and culture¨, said KARIM RASHID. He developed about 50 furniture objects for Vondom. Below a few samples of this collection.

More info on Vondom
More info on Karim Rashid




Short note / New Interlam profiles

Some new patterns from Interlam are available. Apart from this interesting range of decorative panels, profiles can be carved in different substrates and it is also possible to embed your own design.
More patterns can be found at their website:



Short note / Retro suspending stainless steel chair

If retro is your thing you may be interested in this suspending chair which follows the natural shape of the reclining body.
Made by west Sussex based Adrian Thornber in high grade stainless steel and available in a mirror or sateen polished finish, with or without sheepskin.
For more info visit



Light weight concrete mouldings with graphics

Another interesting company at 100% design was Grayconcrete.
The company produces custom made light weight concrete projects. Their fibre reinforced concrete can be used and moulded in a variety of ways, forms and colours, with built in patterns and graphics.
If you can think of it they can probably built it.
Have a look at some of their projects.
For more info visit: Grayconcrete

image: Redman Design/International Slavery Museum

image: Data Nature Associates/Manolo Blahnik Dublin Grayconcrete at 100% design

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Contemporary bathroom shower wiper by VIPP

Finally someone thought of producing this. I personally have been looking for a contemporary shower wiper for quite some time now. Nothing more annoying than delivering a slick looking minimalist bathroom in which the client puts a fluorescent yellow window wiper.

But the alternative will be here soon. This stylish stainless steel and rubber shower wiper produced by Danish manufacturer VIPP will hit the market this November 2009.

Stainless steel shower wiper by VIPP Stainless steel shower wiper by VIPP


Interlam profiled surfaces at 100% design

Interlam showed an interesting range of decorative panels at 100% design. Profiles can be carved in different substrates and it is also possible to embed your own design.
Below you can find some profile images more can be found at their website at:


Radiators for kids

Radiator for kids from Project clima


This playful radiator was send to us by italian manufacturer Projectclima

Projectclima Radiator, ADACTO for "Kids" leaves space to the imagination of the youngest, so they can also give their contribution in designing and furnishing the room where they do spend most of their time.

ADACTO for "Kids", amuses the little ones and makes the grown up happy as, thanks to its modularity and an exceptional Thermal Power, it heats up the kids room as a traditional radiator.

And when the kids grow up ?
No worries ! Thanks to the interchangeable “cover” system, it is possible to update the look of the radiator with a more grown-up composition , whenever you want and without disconnecting it from the hydraulic system.

Find more information here










Rodolfo Dordoni at Molteni&C London

I went to the press breakfast Thursday morning of the wood collection designed by Rodolfo Dordoni for Molteni&C.

Nothing we haven’t seen before but the first time the collection makes it to London. It can now be viewed at the Molteni & C Dada flagship store recently opened in London.

Below I posted some picture of the store and the collection.

The Store can be found at:

Endeavour house,

199 Shaftesbury Avenue.

London WC2H 8JR.

Showroom Molteni London




The recycled alternative to Plywood form 2K Manufacturing Ltd

This is an interesting product. An 8 by 4 foot board out of recycled plastic. 100% recyclable and claimed to be an alternative to plywood.

It was introduced at the ecobuilt exhibition and should be available on the market in June.
We didn’t get any technical data sheet or pricing yet so it’s not entirely clear what the possibilities are for the interior use but it is definitely worth keeping an eye out for this product.

Produced by 2K Manufacturing Ltd
Product website:

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Next generation kitchen ventilations by BMD Modern Hoods

These next generation kitchen ventilations were sent to us by BMD Modern Hoods. They quote their hoods as "timeless, modern elegance with commercial grade performance."

Although produced in the US they will deliver a 240v version.

For more information and more products check their website at BDM Modern Hoods

BDM Modern Hoods H8
BDM Modern Hoods H5BDM Modern Hoods H4

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Le Beanock a different way of seating

Le Beanock a different way of seating

This was send to us by Tracie Herrtage who designed Le Beanock a stylish seating / lounging solution earlier featured on BBC2 Dragons’ Den.

For more info visit Le Beanock website.

Le Beanock

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Chroma a luminous solid surface by 3form

3form produce an interesting material Chroma.

The beatles revolution lounge, chroma material

A bold solid surface saturated with luminous colour. This monolithic material is ideal for horizontal applications while being engineered to be resurfaced and re-coloured again and again, preventing the material from entering the waste stream. It also offers unique aesthetics and performance for both horizontal surfaces and lighting applications. The product clarity offers designers the ability to create beautiful edge-lit pieces.
Available in 12, 25 and 50mm thickness and thermo transformable with a minimum radius of 3 times the sheet thickness.

…and many more colours

For more information visit the manufacturer’s website or consult the chroma technical data sheet.

The image:
Chroma used at The Beatles: Revolution lounge
More about The Beatles Revolution lounge Las Vegas
The lounge’s website
Designed by Humà Design + Architecture.

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Colour changing LED Stool

LED Stool

Barstool with transparent colour changing led-light seating.
Battery operated with 60 hours autonomy.

LED Stool

Designed and produced by Lizzy Design

For more info mail to or visit

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Pure Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair for exterior use.

Materials: Corian
Dimension: L: 2,25m / W: 69cm / H: 35cm

Designed and produced by Lizzy Design

Designed and produced by Lizzy Design

For more info mail to or visit

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