Article / Tips on installing waste and soil pipes

Installing domestic drain and soil pipes seem to be an easy job, no water pressures to account for or non-return and other valves to think about and regulation seems to be comprehensible to any construction worker. Just connect your pipes from point A, always go downwards and make sure you end up in the sewage and that’s it. Will it work? …It might. Will it work well? That’s a totally different ballgame. Although sticking some pipes together to drain the water seems fairly simple, a lot can go wrong when drain pipes are not installed the way they should be. Common problems with drain and soil pipes are clogs and smells and in order to avoid those providing sufficient air and keeping your waste flow under control is key.



Tutorial / Selective Laser sintering (SLS) a rapid prototyping / manufacturing process

Below you will find a 7 min tutorial I made on SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) a rapid prototyping process which builds models up in layers by lasering only the parts that need to be solidified. It is an affordable process to model up prototypes or forms which would be difficult to produce with standard manufacturing processes. SLS builds up your model in Nylon which results in a fairly strong object which leaves many possibilities for post processing and finishes such as lacquering or metal plating. The dimensions for an SLS build depends on the capacity of the machine that will build it so make sure you check these dimensions first.

The movie is 27MB so please be patient for it to load. You might have to install the Windows Media Player add-on.

For more technical information on the process you can try these following links:

More information on Selective laser sintering:

More information on Metal laser sintering:

More information on 3D Printing:

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Before moving to London he worked with GK-Design in Tokyo and for various companies in Spain. In barcelona he was course director of a master in furniture design for an associated college to the university Ramon Llul.

In 1999 Lizzy became freelance and started Lizzy Design. In 2006 he moved to Chiswick, London were he lives with his wife and newly born son (Aug 08.)

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Article / Which design software should I use?

A question often asked by students but also by veteran trades people and interior designers who rose in times when computers where not widely available and used is, which is the best design software on the market. This article hopes to give some guidelines in the world of design software and help you formulate and answer the right questions one needs in order to make a correct choice in the variety of offers on the market. This article is oriented at the uninitiated. (more…)

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Tutorial / Saw mill in operation

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Tutorial / Industrial laminated wood bending

In mass-producing for the furniture and interior market, High Frequency forming is a commonly used method for bending wood. Typical examples are chair seats and backs.
The following is a short 50 seconds movie of an industrial plant in Spain supplying many of the local chair and interior decoration manufactures with components