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sustainable house design


June 29, 2012



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As they have said above: Going green is always the best choice. Some time is the more expensive choice too, though. Eco designs should be promoted everywhere. We need to keep our planet's resources

Holland And Green Architectural Services
Creating Wonderful Living Spaces

July 13, 2012


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Oops the link is not workingFrown

July 24, 2012



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Unfortunately yes. It did work when I checked it the last time.

Holland And Green Architectural Services
Creating Wonderful Living Spaces

September 7, 2012


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Sustainable architecture or as they say going green not only preserves our resources, gives us monetary gain it also provide a greener and healthier environment for us and generation to come.

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October 10, 2012


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Thank u for this information.

October 23, 2012


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if you want to improve the comfort of your home makr it at the same cozy, whenchoose your interior designer you should  make sure you are on the same track he or she gets exactly what you ned your house to become.


November 6, 2012



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Hello Guest,

Sorry but your given link is not opening to view.

December 20, 2012


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Eco Design Ideas
Renewable Energy Projects Contribute To Arrest Climate Change! To reduce energy usage at your home / office.
Eco Design Ideas - Complete Building Construction Management Services

Eco Design Ideas – Complete Building Construction Management Services

Ashwin Architects implements ECO DESIGN IDEAS for residential as well as commercial projects. Including green walls and green roofs, installation of solar panels, etc. Solar heating will provides energy for house in many ways. It can heat water at the most basic level. Solar energy is pure, clean energy. As an added bonus, the surplus energy can be transferred to a battery and stored for later use; however, be aware that this will increase your costs considerably, depending on the size of the battery. Solar water tanks can heat stored water for whatever reason you need hot water for, such as showers and tea. 

House Design Construction | Building Design Construction | Green Building Construction Management in Bangalore. Ashwin Architects -

May 8, 2013


united states

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Sustainable House Design' looks at the fundamentals of a successful green home, such as low-energy design principles, effective use of light and investment.


billige afbudsrejser

May 24, 2013


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Thank you for giving the information. I would surely like to vote for this house. I too use to call the home inspectors and inspect my house from them and also check the sustainability of the house regularly.

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September 10, 2016


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A high performance, energy efficient home may include features like geothermal heating, wind power and solar panels, but these are not the defining features of green living. They come in second, and some you can even do without. A green home starts with being well designed, well insulated, and well positioned to rely as much as possible on passive heating and cooling..

June 28, 2017


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Living green walls make a breathtaking statement by creating alluring and inviting environments. They are as equally impressive in appearance as they are purveyors of good health; the plants in the walls work as a natural air-filtration system that building occupants can enjoy.SmileSmileSmile

July 4, 2017


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What we build matters and so does how we build it. Building with sustainability in mind should be standard for the twenty first century home. Building sustainable homes not only saves you money in the long run but also reduces your impact on the environment.

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August 10, 2017


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kush said:


I got a graphics assignment to do and i need some idea to make my house

into environmental sustainable design. any ideas or techniques i can

use would be greatly appreciated.


long island roofers


You should check the gallery page in You'll get some ideas on home structures and designs

February 14, 2018


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There are some cool designs here, I wouldn't say no to some of them!

March 9, 2018


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An Xclusive interior is one of the top architects in Pune that can
offer highly fashionable, contemporary and affordable commercial projects to
the clients. Their commercial projects are the pride of the city.This is the
reason professional architectural firm Xclusive Interiors comes up with some
specific and fantastic solutions

April 2, 2018


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Acoustic Movable Room Dividers Wooden Decorative Room Divider Walls

SoundproofRoomDividers FACTORY was founded in 2011. Over the years, we have the spirit of quality first, prestige supreme principle, a step every year, production increased year by year. At present, the sound proof room divider products are widely sold to South Korea, Japan, the Middle East and other countries, in many provinces in china.

Acoustical Movable Room Divider Wood Decorative Room Dividers Wall
1.Made from Recycled raw materials
2.Excellent sound absorption
3.Test Reports available on request
4.Fireproof finish available

Several varieties of the testing of the indicators have reached the national standard. In order to improve the quality of soundproof rolling room dividers, expand production scale, meet the demand of the market, we now have a new plant of 5,000 square meters. Our factory is willing to work with the high quality raw material supplier and valuable customers together to make our contribution to the acoustic industry and international market.


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Our products sell well in domestic market and are exported to such foreign countries and regions such as Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, United Kingdom, Germany, Kenya, Japan, Qatar, South Korea, Venezuela, United States, Australia, etc.

April 16, 2018



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Woah!! What a wonderful place to live in & the empathy shared by the company which objective is to stand hand by hand with the nature! So happy to see that society is moving on into new ways without having to renounce to the stylish/design factor. NO MORE EXCUSES Laugh

Tienda de muebles de diseño Barcelona –

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