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How to make your living room more vibrant?


April 25, 2018


Baby Spherer

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Bubble wall is a kind of special indoor decoration with a kind of cultural landscape, its appearance to a large extent, helps the decoration of the house, the bubble can be generated by the under pump, the overall is made by acrylic materials, can be controlled by remote control to change the 16 kinds of colors, delicate workmanship, no matter in which corner of the home, can be for their own household life add a warm color. And it's clever lighting, can cause a gleaming effect, can make the bubble wall for the viewer to see a work of art, also can give the viewer a feeling the most primitive vitality in front of nature, and can show the aesthetic feeling of peace. And Topstar has been dedicated to interior design and research and production of indoor water curtain wall, trying to meet the needs of customers.


Welcome to click on our website to learn more about the bubble wall details or contact our professional staffs.

September 8, 2018


Baby Spherer

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The living is the important and best part of the house so it is necessary to make it vibrant to feel peaceful. To make your room more vibrant buy furniture from furniture shops in Nagpur at affordable prices.

October 20, 2018

kams Designer


Baby Spherer

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Add fresh colors and texture to a living room. Well structured furniture, flowers and lighting also helps to make Living room more vibrant and living.

Interior Designer in Pune

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