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Setting up your Interior business


April 11, 2017

Radhika Iyer

Baby Spherer

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your corporate identity

Corporate identity implies selecting a name
and logline for your services.  A logline
or tagline is a one liner depicting your specialties; that which attracts your
target group.  You can convey the
services you provide by the name itself. 
For instance – you may come up with a name like Khorana’s floor
coverings, which suggests the services you primarily provide.  If you use the name like Khorana’s – Interior
Decorators, it only suggests that you undertake home décor but doesn’t tell
anyone about your specialty.  If you want
to use only your name then add a tagline – Khorana’s Interior Decorators –
Floor coverings and carpets.

Your corporate identity (name and logline)
are critical elements of your marketing plan. 
They go a long way in determining the success of your business.  You could go through a number of names and
loglines over the internet, your competitor's list, related businesses and
collate a name that is attractive and easy to remember. 


There are two options while opting for the
premise of your proposed business.  You
could start a design studio at your residence or opt for buying or leasing a
shop/office to start a retail store. 
Before you make a decision you have to go through several probabilities:

  1. Do you intend to stock
    materials or products
  2. Will you call in clients for
    presentations, meetings, demonstrations
  3. Do you have finances to pay
    rent and other related expenditure
  4. Do you want to work from home
    and have presentation/demonstrations at client’s premises
  5. What are the kind of permits
    you will need to operate out of home
  6. While in transit, do you have
    enough space in your home to stock the deliveries of your clients

These are just a few pointers to get you
going.  There are a number of other
factors you need to consider before you make this important decision.  Where you operate from will not only reflect
your professionalism but will also indicate the scale or quality of your
products and services.  It will also make
a big difference to your profits and your expenses. When you work from home
there is a probability you may take it easy or slack off or procrastinate due
to errands, visitors, and the like. This can be avoided when you operate out of
a shop/office.  

You can join any of the interior designer institutes to make your career in interior designing. Also you can join diploma in interior designing.

April 12, 2017


Power Spherer

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That's a nice post for new interior designers entering in the industry and want to start own business.

April 12, 2017


Power Spherer

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Good Info. Nice shairing. Appreciated

May 5, 2017


Baby Spherer

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Thanks for the info.

May 17, 2017


Baby Spherer

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Very useful information provided by you. Thanks For Share It…

July 14, 2017



Regular Spherer

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A very helpful post in for the person who think to start about the Interior designing services.

Person Must be creative and have the interior design ideas. Interior designers in Pune

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