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why invest in shares


October 27, 2017


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  1. Who in the subject what will be ok i am going to make explanation of this word in two parties first one is invest and second one is shares and let start on the first one is to put the money in business with expecting that you will get the profit or benefit in the future for example you have $2000000 for put in property trades what you have to do? you must get department in charge discus for your capability of purchase and then make begin your action second one is unit published by the company match with value of money do you want in growing your entity for example let us talk if you need $4000000 directly you will put stock on market and set per after start to getting holders why invest in shares is the when ask yourself cause of you begin to put those items like those only for example you are here at market exchange but you start think about cause every time they use that product or you can ask yourself the cause you have to start this business Alexandria, Egypt?

  2., Egypt.html

November 9, 2017


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Can we record all our decides in

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