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October 23, 2017


Baby Spherer

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The above physical order can fulfill our basic needs as well as facilities for shelter and shelter, ensuring all steps to regulate our activities, keep our input and express the inspirations that accompany all our actions: affect our look, feelings and personality. Therefore, the intent and intent of interior design is to make improvements role, enrich the aesthetic value and improve the psychological aspect of the interior room. Each design has the goal of regularly making sides for sides to be a complete order for specific purposes.

Designing a relatively an interior of the apartment and the apartment does require an interior design consultant Jakarta chandragraha. The interior design requires precision on the same accuracy in terms of calculating every space requirement. By itself the layout of the rooms and the needs of the owners of houses or apartments through careful planning without breaks at all space may one day be excessive space. And instead we need to design a more practical and multifunctional apartment space, of course, by adjusting the interior design of the apartment beautiful and classy.

In interior design, the elements chosen and arranged into three-dimensional grooves according to the same lines of role, aesthetics and behavior. The relation to the elements occurring from these plots further ensures the visual quality and suitability of the role of an interior, and influences how we understand and use them. To rearrange the interior is the easiest way to change the situation and the appearance of an apartment unit. The move is more priority on setting the decor elements without any need ribet change the existing room. Until more efficient when, energy and certainly cost. What needs to be done? Here are the tips!

Ensure Topics Interior Apartments
Set the topics you love to apply to the interior in detail. For example choose one or two primary colors on the wall and floor, and complete with the color derived (gradation of color) out through upholstery sofa or accessories such as cushions, carpets, curtains or tablecloths. With the exception of color, you can also make sure the topic is based on a specific design style. For example, put poster or inspirational quotes for pop art-style interior, and many more.

Change Furniture Place
To give a new situation to the room, replace the furniture with a periodical, at least once a year. However, you need to pay attention to the size of the furniture and the role of the room around it. Never ever size and place furniture that do not fit inhibits the flow of your mobility in the residence or even also make the room even look more narrow.

Unify Accessories
To create a beautiful appearance of the room, determine the appropriate accessories the same topic of the room. Combine color, shape and texture with different elements around it. For example, specify a patterned pillow with various structures to be placed on a dark sofa.

Another step is to determine one of the most prominent parts, then place a wall art like painting or art work that can be hung to decorate the walls. Then use the spot light to highlight the wall art, with the spot acting as a focal point in space.
Use the right Lighting

Give "dramatic" touches with chic accessory settings as well as "live" lighting, starting with general lighting, then reinforced with specific lighting impacts. Make sure the lights are power efficient and arrange the direction of the light to illuminate the activity center in each room. The form of an attractive armature lamp can also be a decorative element.


October 25, 2017


Power Spherer

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November 28, 2017


Regular Spherer

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Nice piece of info @gardenterior. Please keep posting

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