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How can you design a kitchen of your dreams?


October 15, 2012


Baby Spherer

posts 7

Hello Community,


Designing a New Kitchen can be a
monumental task and requires a lot of thinking and efforts. To build the
Kitchen of your dreams, it is always advisable to hire a professional
interior designer. This will help you save time, money, get to know
different options and make you understand how to utilize space. If anyone having any idea relating this topic please suggest me.


Best Regards,

Matin John Smile

October 17, 2012


Regular Spherer

posts 89

Think about the aspects of your dream kitchen, then set a budget, and use ingenuity to make your dream come true. Some kitchen changes are inexpensive and easy but make a big impact.

January 8, 2013



Baby Spherer

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Kitchen is the most flexible room in the home, to make it as your dream place you can try out new cabinetry, countertops, appliances, and accessories.You can even choose interesting patterns and textures in walls and kitchen window curtains

January 30, 2013


Regular Spherer

posts 29

Youcan take professional help while designing kitchen. Also you need to be certain of how you want the layout to be, as ultimately it is you who will be working in the kitchen and using it. It has to be as per your convinence and working style. You could purchase a lot of items like kitchen sinks, faucets, cabinets etc online as per your choice and have them in your dream kitchen.

February 8, 2013


Nottingham UK

Baby Spherer

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I would say that your dream kitchen, again set a budget, and use adeptness to accomplish
your dream appear true. Some kitchen changes are bargain and simple but
accomplish a big impact

February 8, 2013

Shutter Smart


Regular Spherer

posts 33

Kitchens needs to be designed with a lot of thought. They need to look good at the same time they need to be functional too without causing any problem while cooking. So take your time, choose your colors, look online and you will find a lot of designs from where you can take some idea. Because I am a Shutter expert, all I can say is adding shutters to your kitchen will be a good option. You can manage the amount of light you want, they are heat resistant and can be cleaned easily if thery get greasy and slimy.

February 8, 2013


Regular Spherer

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You can get some great kitchen sink options at discounted prices at Everything here is at a low price and further discounted with winter offers. So get the best possible deal with free shipping too!

May 22, 2013


Regular Spherer

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First of all think about all aspects of your dream kitchen, then set a budget,
after all these thing you need a proffesional designer who can make your kitchen
according to your needs in your budget range.

May 24, 2013


First time Spherer

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I like a spacious kitchen design , that has lots a ventilation(light), and breezy pleasant atmosphere.
And smooth sleek spohisticated drawers to put knives and other cultery stuff in.
It isnt a very tough task…I designed the kitchen(mother and father did too!) of our new home Embarrassed designing is funn!!

September 3, 2013



Regular Spherer

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Kitchen are important part of every house which indicate whole house beauty and attraction.A beautiful kitchen must contain with beautiful wood cabinets and other decorative items which makes kitchen more beautiful…You should make beautiful wood cabinet and other stuff in order to get your dream kitchen…


Timber Brisbane

I loved fencing and dancing and elocution….

March 30, 2015


Baby Spherer

posts 14

For me, the kitchen should be both beauty and functional. I spend a lot of time in it so I need to feel good in.

May 26, 2016


Power Spherer

posts 270

You may even find yourself experiencing a slight case of  kitchen  – that's subtle, nagging condition which sneaks up on you when visiting a friend or family member’s house.

May 31, 2016



Regular Spherer

posts 25

Dreams are never easy to sketch the place as it is. But still we try to built it according to that.

June 18, 2016


First time Spherer

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Oh my dreams are very exiting. Well I want to create my kitchen in luxury style: expensive furnitury, beautiful colours and quality materials. But I agree with you kitchen must be functional. By the way, I found good company which deals with interior  kitchen-design . What can u say? As for me I liked this design company, just what I was looking for.

June 21, 2016



Regular Spherer

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I have created a kitchen of my dreams but not to perfection.

December 26, 2016

Chelobitov Andrew

First time Spherer

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I had renovation recently. I ordered everything for my kitchen here:

March 17, 2017


Baby Spherer

posts 4

I think kitchen is heart and soul of your home. Use window honeycomb shades, blackout roller shades, outdoor bamboo shades for decoration. At Fifty Shades And Blinds there is wide range of modern window coverings. Their products are designed to fit any of the areas from living room to kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. For more details visit, Fifty Shades and Blinds.

March 23, 2017


united states

Baby Spherer

posts 4



Hi there, all of us know chalkboard,
it is a quite familiar word from our nursery. Before getting to know anything
about schooling the teacher taught us how to hold chalk. And do you remember
mommy scolding for scribbling on walls for our chalk designs? Yes, that age was
full of fun creating designs of our own
imagination, scribbling on walls and floors of our homes. Nevertheless, if you still want to scribble
with the chalk then go ahead, you got a chance of calling it as chalkboard
designs. They are nowadays getting more familiar, and many people are yielding
quite a good amount from the chalk board


This is
an art of interpretation of words in a simplified form on the boards through
pictures, symbols or as a quote. It is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to
design your home. You can create any design on the boards and hang it as wall
decor to your home.

This is
very simple for anyone who knows to draw, but there are few tips to follow.


Tips to design


To start with, one has to select the
quality chalkboard. Always opt for non-porous chalkboards for yielding fine
results. Non-porous include Porcelain, metallic,
vinyl and so on, this will give you the finer designs and are durable

Then get a coating of chalkboard
paint on it once. This gives the better
imaging and clear work.

Before getting to start, wipe it with
a wet cloth so that no ghost writing

Designs are possible with different
tip sized chalks. Choose a particular tip as per your design requirement. The
different types of chalk are

  1. Chalk type 1 is used for sewing to
    make little marks. They do not smudge,
    and it does require a damp cloth to remove.
  2. Chalk type 2 or mechanical chalk
    pencil, this perfectly works on chalkboard
    . It makes fine lines. It can be wiped with the dry cloth.
  3.  Chalk type 3 or the chalk marker is the best
    when you want the bold and smooth finish. It does not smudge. As it is a marker
    chalk its bit hard to remove.

Chalk type 4 or Regular chalk for the larger words and images. Easily

Always wet the tip of the chalk and
sharpen it with a Pencil sharpener. The pointed tip helps to draw fine lines.

You can use the combination of the
chalks for the wonderful results.

Use cotton swabs for smudged looks or for touch ups.

Keep a glass of water nearby to to dip the cotton swab or cloth piece for
hard removing.


Always erase it with a damp cloth or
with a soft microfiber cloth. But for marker chalks, you need to use Mr.Clean
Magic Eraser. If this fails to be ready to give
another coat for your chalkboard. Then start up with your imagination,
you can write quotes, drawings, love symbols and so on. Don’t worry if you
don’t know to start; no one is a born artist just log on to
which has all the ready-made quotes and templates and select the one which
suits you the best. They are at very affordable prices. You get all the stuff
from Chalks to chalk boards, from
templates to love symbols one can find here. They are much
more simple than you think.


July 19, 2017


Regular Spherer

posts 30

Revamping a kitchen should be more comfy and luxurious with modern thoughts

August 3, 2017



Baby Spherer

posts 11

Ah the most important place in your house, where the FOOD is made.


Iv seen some great Kitchen Designs here, it's so beautiful ! Getting myself something like this soon! 

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